From Page, AZ

Last night, we parked behind Cracker Barrel, so this morning, Mark was eager for me to get up so we could go in and get breakfast.

On our way in, I noticed this patch of blue snow. I’ve only seen this in glaciers before. Was it that cold?
Mark heading in for breakfast
After a good breakfast, we hit the road. Here we’re driving through Salt Lake City.
This looks like something from George Orwell, but it’s an aquarium somewhere near Provo.

From Cracker Barrel on, for at least an hour, it seemed like we were driving through one big city, everything merged together. We were longing to get off Highway 15.

We finally turned onto Highway 89, which heads south through small towns and ranchland. Highway 89 is a 2-lane highway and people’s driveways turned off it. It was nice to be out in the country.
We had another strong wind coming from the mountains and blowing snowdrifts across the road.
I didn’t retouch this picture because I wanted to show how bad our windshield was getting. For a couple of days, the windshield cleaner on my side was frozen and wouldn’t spray. Mark finally got it to work today, and you can see what it had to cut through. None of the gas stations had had water we could clean our windshield with since we left Portland. The water was all frozen.
Horses in the snow
We stopped at a gas station and I offered to take Tucson out while Mark pumped the gas. She loves to slide her face through the snow. I don’t know if she was trying to get her leash off her face or if she just likes the feel of the snow on her face.
This gas station actually had water for washing our windshield so I was able to get this clear shot of Mark adding oil to the engine. You can see that even though we were still in snow, the sun was out today. Yay!
There was one last mountain range to go through, but it wasn’t nearly as steep a climb as the last few days.
As we drove further south the rock colors began to turn red.
Butch Cassidy’s boyhood home. One of these days, we’d like to take the time to stop and look at it.
Kanab is near Bryce Canyon at the southern end of Utah. At this point, we turned east again. As you can see, we are no longer traveling through the snow!
This rock formation almost looked man-made, like some kind of giant yurt!
Welcome to Arizona…It was already dusk and my camera slowed down, so the picture isn’t so clear.
Shortly after entering Arizona, we crossed this deep canyon to get to Page. I knew it was getting to be too late to get a really good shot, but I wanted to give you a sense of how deep the canyon is.

Some of you have kept abreast of what has been happening with our insurance claim for the pickup that caught fire last time we were in Utah a month and a half ago. What an ordeal! The problem wasn’t with our insurance company, USAA. It was the company they contracted with to try to get a copy of the title that burned up in the truck. I accepted the insurance settlement amount on November 22nd and USAA hired IAA to get the title copy. IAA sent me an email with some paperwork. I didn’t see much to fill out, but I printed it and filled out what was there and “Next day air-ed” it back to IAA. A week later, I called to see why nothing was happening, and they said that I hadn’t sent in the Power of Attorney (POA). I told them they hadn’t sent me one, so they emailed that to me. While I was on the phone with them and looking at the paperwork they emailed, I told the representative that all I saw was some sample paperwork. He said I needed to sign the signature lines and send the paperwork back, and they would transfer my signature onto the actual form. I overnighted it again and the next day, I saw by the tracking number that they had received it. I waited for USAA to settle up, but a week later, nothing was happening. I called IAA again and spoke with a woman who said they hadn’t received the POA paperwork I’d sent in. I told her I had a tracking number that said they had received it. She said she’d put out a desk search, but in the meantime, she suggested I fill the paperwork out again and resend it. The day after I did that, I saw that they had received the paperwork, so a week later, I called to find out what was happening. I was told that they still hadn’t received my POA paperwork. By this time, I was beginning to lose my patience, and I told the woman that this was the second time I had sent it in. She asked me if I had gotten the paperwork by mail or email, and I told her I’d gotten it by email. She said that the sample I signed wasn’t official and that I should have received the actual form in the mail. She overnighted it to me and I filled it out and overnighted it back, satisfied that surely now, things would start happening. In fact, I had confirmation from USAA that IAA had received the paperwork and would process it that same day and send the title to them. A week later, I called USAA and asked why they hadn’t yet paid me, and they said they hadn’t received the title from IAA. I was getting downright angry, so USAA called IAA to find out what had happened. They said they had sent the paperwork to the Wisconsin DOT, so USAA patched together a conference call with IAA and the WisDOT. Turns out that in most cases, WisDOT can accept a POA and give someone a copy title, but in this case, they needed me to fill out their paperwork directly. They overnighted it to me and I filled it out and overnighted it back last week. Finally, the settlement money showed up in our bank account today. We had hoped to have the money before we left Oregon so that we could get a trailer to haul the motorcycle and the car, but no such luck. Mark had to leave his precious motorcycle behind, but he will be flying back in a week or so and riding it down to Tucson.

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