New Year’s Day from Mountain Home, ID

Mark and I heard, incorrectly, this morning, that the highway was closed between Pendleton and La Grande, so we weren’t sure if we were going to be able to leave Pendleton. About mid-morning, Mark talked with someone who said that the highway was open, so we cautiously set out. We were going to try to get some tire chains, but the tire store was closed for New Year’s Day. We made it here, so it turned out OK.

When Mark took Tucson out this morning, she came back in with snow all over her face!
The view from Cabbage Hill
Up in the Blue Mountains
Doesn’t it just make you want to put your footprints in it or make a snow angel?
Temperatures were in the -20s in some places, so it was still snowy on the roads.
The steep downgrades were a little harrowing.
There were spots where drifts were blowing on the road.
A little bit of sunshine on a distant patch of snow
I was wondering how the cows were even finding anything to eat?
On the downhill side
Welcome to Idaho – Mark celebrated when he saw this sign!
Now there’s something you don’t see right beside the highway very often!
Back to civilization
Sunset over a solar array
We stopped at Walmart to pick up some things before heading to our campground, and Mark took Tucson out to make yellow snow. I took this shot through a filthy windshield from all the sand on the roads.

We had hoped to make it into Utah by tonight, but with the late start, we ended up stopping here in Mountain Home. I’m hoping that tomorrow we can get out of this cold weather!

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