From Springville/Layton, UT

It’s been another bitterly cold day with strong headwinds. It has taken me a while to get my pictures from today processed and it’s late, so I’ll try to keep this short.

Mark and I started the day by getting a shower at the first truck stop we came to. We needed one!
Mark clowning around but all shined up
I felt much better!
I mentioned the strong winds. They were blowing drifted snow across the highway.
So cold, I was surprised to see there wasn’t ice on this river.
Tucson doesn’t seem to mind the cold.
The sun was trying to come through.
Welcome to Utah – Life Elevated
This river did have ice on it.
Tucson coming up for some loving
We stopped in West Haven and had dinner with Mark’s sister, Sharon.

Because of taking a shower and visiting with Sharon for a couple of hours, we didn’t travel as far as we had planned today, but it was worth it. Hope tomorrow will be a little warmer!

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