From Denver, CO

The weather was the big news today.  We left Albuquerque at 10:15 this morning and the temperature was 56°.  We had planned to head for Falcon, Colorado today and skirt around Denver, but when we checked the forecast for both locations, Denver was at least going to be above freezing tonight.  At one point today, we almost despaired of getting here.

We’ve been having Tucson stay in her kennel while we are driving, but today I thought I’d see if she rode any better out of the kennel. She was excited!

We were stuck in a traffic jam just south of Santa Fe because of this accident. It looks like someone lost control of their travel trailer and spun around facing traffic. The travel trailer is on its side.

We began seeing threatening clouds sometime after Santa Fe.

Tucson needed to go out so we stopped at a parking area on the side of the highway.

Back on the road, we could see we were heading into a storm.

It began to snow fairly heavily around Las Vegas, NM. At one point, we saw a car that had slid off an exit ramp.

We stopped for gas in Raton, NM, the last town before the border of Colorado. I took Tucson out for her first look at snow. I had kind of been hoping that wouldn’t happen till we got home.

Mark went in to pay for the gas, and when he came out, he said they were saying the snow was going to last a ways into Colorado.  Mark was talking about maybe hunkering down in Trinidad, Colorado, the first town of any size across the border.  I was beginning to despair of making my job interview in Door County on Tuesday.

Welcome to “colorful” Colorado! The sign on the left says there’s a high wind advisory.

When we got to Trinidad, it was clear enough that we felt we could press on.

Then we got into dense fog and more snow.

“Icy roads; slower speeds advised” No kidding!

Denver, Colorado…at last!

We arrived at Walmart at 7:15 and Mark took the puppy out to do her thing.  While they were out, a security officer drove up and said we weren’t allowed to camp there overnight, but he was friendly about it and suggested we move to a parking lot farther down in the shopping center.  We were tired and hungry, so we got some food at Walmart and came back to eat and relax.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be drier.

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