From Sherrill, IA

I love the name of this town, although it’s spelled a little differently from Sherill’s name. This is the name Mom derived Sherill’s name spelling from. Sherrill is located due north of Dubuque by a few miles and is situated right on the Mississippi River. We saw the reflection of the water in our headlights as we pulled in. Otherwise, it was completely dark outside!

We got away from home around 11:00 this morning. Mark had wanted to be on the road an hour earlier so that he could catch his BACA meeting (Bikers Against Child Abuse) in Chilton, WI, but you know how things go with us. We did actually make it for the very end of the BACA meeting so Mark got a chance to say goodbye to his BACA brothers and sisters and wave as they rode away.

While Mark was attending the last of the meeting, I fed the critters and as soon as Tucson finished eating, she threw it all up again. We had gone through some twists and turns in town and she gets a little motion sickness sometimes. I saw Mark and the others standing outside the building, so I took Tucson out and called to Mark in hopes that he would come and watch her while I cleaned up the mess. He couldn’t hear me from across the road, but Tucson saw him and started to run out into the road in front of a car. Fortunately, she minded when Mark yelled at her to go back and I yelled at her to come to me. That could have been a disaster at the beginning of our trip. Thank the Lord, it wasn’t!

We had lunch there after the BACA members left and then we hit the road for the main part of the journey. Mark missed an exit to avoid going through Madison, but it was a good opportunity to get a photo of Wisconsin’s state capital.

Wisconsin state capital in Madison, WI

Mark had thought about calling it a night in Madison, but due to the time change, it was only 4:00, so we pushed on to Dubuque.

The sun set well before we got to Iowa, so I couldn’t get a picture of the state line.

As I mentioned, it was very dark as we turned toward Mud Lake Park where we are spending the night. Mark was not very happy about trying to find his way in the dark, but I think he will be rewarded with a beautiful view when he gets up in the morning. There is supposed to be a bird sanctuary around here, and it’s very quiet and remote from the highway, yet not too far off the beaten track. I’m looking forward to seeing our surroundings in the light tomorrow!

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