Sorry about you guys!

At the beginning of this week, our weather turned decidedly autumnal.  One night, we had a rip-roaring thunder storm and a deluge to go with it.  Our electricity flicked off and on a couple times, but for the most part, it stayed on.  I stood under the eaves of the house and tried to get pictures.

Our back porch light

A cool effect that highlights the amount of rain coming down on my lens

The only shot of lightning I was able to capture…just enough to light up the sky beyond our back forest.

The morning after this storm, we came out to the dining room and found a small stream of water on the floor.  Our screen door on the back had broken in a previous wind storm, so the rain was apparently able to come under the door.  Mark got us a new screen door the next day, but we haven’t had an opportunity to put it up yet.

I understand that back home, the weather has been hot and dry.  Ours has been humid for the last couple weeks – so much so that my cowgirl boots mildewed over the entire shoe parts and Mark had to clean them and polish them.  I would exchange a little of our weather for a little of yours!

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