Scattered to the wind

Last year and the year before, Mark and I were working at Wagon Trail Campground.  Had we been there this year, Monday would have been our last day of work and we would have likely been heading out yesterday.  All day Monday, I was thinking about my friends at Wagon Trail and wishing I could be with them at their staff party, but I’m not staff there anymore.  

Yesterday, I had a day off so I drove over to Wagon Trail first thing in the morning.  I stopped first at Rosanne’s RV.  Her husband still had a day of work at another site and she wasn’t feeling up to snuff, but she said they will be pulling out today.  Their RV is ready to roll.  They will be going to Alabama for the winter.

Then I went next door to Judy’s RV.  Her dog, Neffi (short for Nefertiti), greeted me at the door and Judy was struggling to hold her back.  She wanted to go for a walk, so Judy invited me to walk with them.  She told me she still has a little packing to do and they will probably leave tomorrow.  They have a house in Arizona where we hope to see them when we go there this winter.


We walked over to Kathryn’s RV.

Judy and Kathryn saying goodbye.  Bob is in the background.

Kathryn and Bob figured on being ready to pull out within an hour, so Kathryn asked if we could meet in Ellison Bay for a bite to eat then.  I said yes.  Kathryn and Bob have a house in Plymouth, WI, so they don’t have as far to go as the rest of us.

Then I went to the office to see my old boss, Kathy.

Still smiling at the end of a busy season!

She and Tim live in an apartment above the office year round, so I asked her if we can get together sometime in the next couple weeks to do something fun.  She said she can get together with me next week.

Being there in the campground and saying goodbye to all my friends gave me that old feeling of the excitement of moving day.  I expect I’ll feel that on the day we leave, but I still have a couple days of work at Seaquist this week and I’m working on a project for my new job at Door County North.  Plus, we have the RV to get ready and the house to close up, so I’m not feeling that excitement yet.

I had my camera with me as I was driving home, and also when I walked to the Viking from my house to meet Bob and Kathryn for lunch.  The fall colors are slightly dulled this year because of the cold, wet summer we had, but they are still pretty.

Along ZZ

A brilliant tree

One of the apple trees in Seaquist’s orchard

I stopped to get a picture of the front of Seaquist where I have been working this summer.

Mink River Rd. If you turn left at this corner, you are on Lakeview Rd.

Some sort of berries on Lakeview Rd on the way to Ranch Ln.

Turn right off Lakeview Rd and you are on Ranch Ln. This is looking down the road toward our house on the right which is hidden by trees.

Our property begins at all these taller trees. Next to us is a big open field that has been purchased by one of our neighbors for putting up a pole barn.

This year we will be here a couple weeks beyond what we’ve ever been before.  It seems so quiet now that all the campgrounds are closing.  There’s less traffic and fewer tourists, but the hotels and motels are still open so they aren’t all gone.

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