New job for next year!

I have already begun thinking about next year’s employment, and in fact, I have a new part-time job lined up for next summer.  Last year I went through the training to become a Certified Tourism Ambassador and I love talking about Door County, so what could be more natural than working in the Ellison Bay Information Center?  Here is something from the newsletter my new boss, Mickie Rasch, sent out:

Thank you 2017 Visitor Center Staff
Did you know that each member of the staff at our Ellison Bay Visitor Center/Info booth is a Certified Tourism Ambassadors (CTA)? That may be part of the reason we hear so many good things about their caring, knowledgeable attitude, but we like to think they’re simply good people. The Visitor Center is now open 10am to 5pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through October 22nd. We encourage you to stop in and get acquainted with these fine women!
Shyla Wollman
Shyla Wollman, CTA
Shyla and her pooch Kelly have been greeting visitors to Door County North for over 15 years. If you are a lodging-related member, you probably speak to Shyla every week during the high season, as she calls our lodging partners every Thursday to learn where there may be vacancies that the staff can help fill. Shyla lives in Ellison Bay from May to October and enjoys Peninsula Music Festival each August.
Alma Weborg
Alma Weborg, CTA
You may see Alma hostessing at Mink River Basin when she isn’t staffing the visitor center on Fridays, Sundays and Mondays. An avid Cincinatti Bengals fan, Alma still dutifully wears the Packers’ green and gold every Sunday. She lives in Gills Rock with her husband Deuce and together they help coordinate the annual Gills Rock Picnic. They are now getting ready to welcome family and friends for the fall hunting season.
Roselyn Krapf
Roselyn Krapf, CTA
Another Gills Rock resident, Roselyn Krapf, is in the visitor center on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Roselyn enjoys sharing her continuing love of Door County, which she first visited when she was just ten years old. She also likes to talk about football and sailing – she and her husband Wiley travel to Guanajuato, Mexico each year for a warm weather vacation.
Mari Jo Young
Mari-Jo Young, CTA
Mari Jo started just this season at the visitor center. If you follow Mari-Jo on Facebook, you already enjoy posts from her “Rock in a Hard Place Garden,” where she raises Monarch butterflies, capturing amazing photos of a lifecycle that includes chrysalis transformation and release. Mari-Jo also volunteers to lead hikes for The Clearing during the winter class “Know your (Pubs) Parks and Preserves.”
Denise Fuller
Denise Fuller, CTA
We are excited to welcome Denise to our 2018 Visitor Center staff. Most recently a “working camper” at Wagon Trail Campground, Denise also works part-time at Seaquist Orchards Farm Market and Tea Thyme. She lives in Ellison Bay with husband Mark, who owns Fuller RV Services, plus their cats Dobby and Kimba.

…Mickie has already had me work in the center for an hour by myself and this was one job I felt like I fell into naturally.  I wasn’t able to answer all the questions that came in, but I felt pretty comfortable telling people how to get places and suggesting places to lodge and eat.  She has also been giving me projects I can do from home and she can send these to me throughout the winter.  The center is within walking distance of my house.  I am excited about working here!

I still need to find another part-time job.  Please be praying that God will direct me to the work that He wants me to have.

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