The hunt

Several of you have asked whether I got the job I interviewed for at the Ephraim Historical Museum.  I didn’t get it, but the interviewer sent me an email asking if I’d like to have my name put in for a Visitor Information job in Ephraim.  I politely declined.  I would have gone the distance for the museum job, but not for another Visitor Information job.  I already have one of those.

Today, I worked my first day of the season for the Door County North office.  Eventually, I will be working in the Ellison Bay Information Center, but my boss also likes that I’m good with data entry.  She will probably be using me in several capacities this season: to do data entry, to work in the Visitor Information Center, and to work at events where extra help is needed.  I got a foretaste of what this job will be like last fall when she hired me on the spot and asked me to cover the Information Center while she ran home to get lunch and let her dogs out.  I also did some data entry for her last fall, so she knows what I’m capable of.  I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve been working on so far and I look forward to working for Door County North this season.

Also, last fall I spoke with a young woman at a smaller farm market than the one I worked at last year.  I asked her if they needed any part-time help this summer since my job at Door County North is only part-time.  She said they could use help in the bakery in the mornings and she took my contact information.  She said they’d contact me this spring, but so far I haven’t heard anything from them.  This is where my job for Door County North comes in handy, because I happen to know that there is a members meeting at The Viking (a local restaurant) tomorrow night that I will be helping at, and I also happen to know that the family from that farm market will be there.  I am hoping for an opportunity to reiterate that I am interested in the job.

Mark had anticipated starting his business tomorrow (May 1st), but due to the recent blizzard, things seem to be getting a slow start.  So far, his first de-winterization is set for the 3rd, so he has a little extra time to try and get us some heat and hot water.  At least we have running water now so we can flush the toilets.  It’s just very cold!

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