Meeting Jose

Today, Mark and I drove up to Phoenix (Serenity had gone up earlier in the morning) to meet Jose and help him pick a suit for the wedding. When we got there, Serenity introduced the two men and they immediately went into the store without us women. I chalked it up to male bonding time!

Serenity had told me that Jose is shy until he gets to know someone and then he talks a lot. It didn’t take long at all for him to warm up to us. We had a really nice visit. After looking at clothes for a while, we had lunch and then we went to the lake where the wedding is to be held.

This was our first view of Lake Saguaro.
Serenity has 3 very active dogs and a skittish cat. Jose was helping her by holding 2 of the dogs. He’s as good with animals as she is.
The lake and mountains surrounding it
Jose and Serenity walk hand in hand down the path
The sun was very bright
The original idea was to have the wedding out on this dock, but the dock floats, and when a motorboat passed, everything went up and down!

It was a good thing that we gave it a trial run because, with our input, Serenity and Jose decided not to have the ceremony on the dock. It will be closer to the picnic shelter you can see behind them in the picture above.

Mark is going to be the cameraman with her camcorder, so he was trying it out.
The sun was getting low when we left.

Mark and I headed back before Serenity did. She and Jose went to check out the airport where her sister and her sister’s boyfriend will be flying in next week. She was afraid when she saw how big it is, but we told her about the cell parking area and that helped her feel more confident.

As Mark and I were driving back toward Tucson, we stopped for dinner, and afterward, I went in to “powder my nose”. As I was washing my hands, I got an idea of what Bible passage I want to use for the wedding — Genesis 29:16-20. This is the passage that talks about Jacob working for seven years to get Rachel for his wife and it only seemed like days to him because he loved her so much. Jose and Serenity have known each other for seven years and he has been wanting to marry her for a long time. It seems to be an appropriate passage for them.

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