From Baker City, OR

This morning, Mark drove the RV with the trailer behind, and I drove Sharon’s car until we got to her place in West Haven, about forty minutes away from where we were camped.

Mark says that pulling this trailer behind the RV instead of the pickup has been a lot easier.

When we delivered Sharon’s car to her, she invited us to breakfast at one of her favorite restaurants, and we spent a couple of hours with her there.

Brother and sister
Visiting at the restaurant
Finally back on the road!
Crossing into Idaho

I had tried several times during the day to reach our claims adjuster by phone, but I kept getting his voicemail and leaving messages. Finally, I hit a different button and talked with someone else. The insurance company wanted to record a statement from me about what happened. I also told the adjuster I was speaking with about my blog entries from Friday and Saturday and he put me on hold for a few minutes while he went there to look at the pictures. When he came back on, he said it certainly looks like they will be totaling our truck, but they still need to do an inspection first. I had already called the towing yard and asked them to release the truck to USAA, so things should start rolling now.

I’m not sure, but I think these are the Sawtooth Mountains.
The sky was kind of pretty!

We were hoping to stop in Ontario, Oregon, just beyond the Oregon/Idaho border, but we couldn’t find a place to stay, so we drove another hour to get to Baker City. We are now in Pacific Time and in the same state as my family. We are only a five-hour drive from our destination, but it’s going to be below freezing tonight, so we will need to check the road conditions before we get back out on the road in the morning. If my pray-ers could just pray us through this last stretch, we would be grateful!

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