A solution

Mark found a U-Haul trailer that rents for a reasonable amount and made a reservation to pick it up this afternoon. Before we could get it, he needed to take off the stuff that connected the old pickup truck to the RV.

Pieces of the old tow bar hitch
Wrapping up the cable that used to connect the RV lights (turn signals, brake lights, etc.) to the truck lights.
Putting the new hitch into the receiver
Putting the bicycle rack onto the new hitch
Tightening the set screws so that it remains tight to the hitch
Trying to tighten the ball to the hitch, but the wrench wasn’t big enough.

Once Mark was finished getting the new trailer hitch attached to the RV, it was time to go get the rental trailer.

U-Haul had the right-sized wrench to tighten the ball onto the hitch so that it will hold the trailer securely.
Securing the trailer to the hitch. You’re supposed to cross the chains so that if the trailer hitch comes off the ball, the chains will cradle it.
The trailer hitch is securely attached and wired so that the RV lights and trailer lights work together.
Taking pictures of the hook-up for their files to prove that they did it right in case there’s ever a question about that

We want to talk with the insurance adjuster tomorrow morning before we leave Salt Lake City, but then we’ll be on the road again. Please pray that there are no other problems ahead of us!

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