Family help and friendly prayers!

Mark has a sister in Ogden, Sharon, who brought us her car to use for a couple of days, and her son, Trevor, is going to help her get around while we have her car. My family has also been helping us, and I also want to thank all of you who have been praying for us. All prayers are gratefully received!

We got Sharon’s car late this afternoon and wanted to go up to the wrecking yard to see if there was anything that we could salvage from the truck. It was dark when we got there, but we have lights on our phones and were able to see what we needed to see. Yesterday, the truck was too hot to get close to, so this is the first close inspection we were able to have of the truck.

Ever wonder what’s under the hood of your car? I had never known this before, but Mark says that car hoods are made of plastic. That’s why ours burned up.
The tow bar attached to the front bumper still seems to be firmly attached!
Mark’s magnetic business sign was able to be saved, but my little bumper sticker will have to stay with the truck.
My motorcycle helmet had been inside a helmet cover in the cab of the truck. The cover melted, but I am amazed at how well the helmet held up under the heat of the fire!
Even the inside looked intact, but Mark says it won’t be good as a helmet anymore so we left it with the truck. Still, I’m impressed with Bell helmets!
Mark had some other brand of helmet, and his didn’t fare so well. Also in this picture (to the upper right of the helmet), you can see the folder that held a bunch of our CDs. The thing I am the sorriest about losing is my Lauren Daigle CDs!
That white thing on the seat was our radiator. I remember yesterday seeing flames throughout the radiator. It was glowing red and sparkling!
My keys had been in the ignition so that we could keep the truck in neutral when we were towing it. Did the keys melt?
The outside of the door handle burned off, but the inside mechanism looks unscathed.
This is the front tire on the passenger side.
This is the front tire on the driver’s side…
…The driver’s side obviously got hotter than the passenger side, leading Mark to believe that the fire started somewhere on the driver’s side of the engine.

Most of the responses I’ve gotten from you all have been asking what started the fire? We only wish we knew! Someone suggested to Mark today that it might have been the cruise control that Ford had to recall because it was causing cars that weren’t even turned on to burn up. However, when I put our VIN # into Ford’s recall page, our truck wasn’t on their list. We are hoping that the insurance claims adjuster will be able to figure out what happened after he has a chance to look at the wreckage.

In the meantime, Mark has found a U-Haul trailer that we can rent for a reasonable price to tow the motorcycle behind the RV to Oregon. We need to get a trailer hitch attached to the rear bumper of the RV in order to do that. Mark is going to do that tomorrow, and then we have an appointment in the afternoon to pick up the trailer. That would hopefully put us back on the road by Monday after we talk with the adjuster.

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