Cutting through the jungle

In the spring, the flowerbed in front of my house always starts out with shy violets and lily of the valley. By fall, it is completely overrun with everything from ferns and goldenrod to Queen Ann’s lace and a sort of locust tree (Robinia hispida) we can’t seem to get rid of. Today, I asked Mark to take a weed-whacker to the whole thing.

I started out trying to pick everything up and put it into a wheelbarrow, but it got to be too much.
Mark cutting through the jungle
Trying to pull off a vine that was climbing up this tree
Mark got our basement doors uncovered
A path of destruction
Mark trying to dig out all the locust bushes that are trying to take over our yard. You can see a bunch of them in the foreground on the right half of the picture.

Whew! What a job getting all that cut down! The next step will be to pick it all up and dispose of it. Call this our fall cleanup.

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