I’m not exactly sure which season I like best, but right at the moment, fall is my favorite.  People come to the peninsula in October to observe the autumn colors.  I have been driving around with my camera for the last week or so in case there’s something I want to shoot, and I’ve been glad to have my camera along many times.

This is some of the decoration we’ve got going at the visitor center.

I don’t know if you can see, but there’s nearly three inches of water in this rain gauge!

Mark woke me up at 4:40 this morning.  He had gotten up to go to the bathroom and realized we were having a doozy of a storm.  We laid in bed and watched lightning roll around the clouds in an almost constant light show.  We didn’t hear a lot of thunder, but we could hear the rain pouring down.

It was foggy on my drive to work this morning.

I took this on my way home from work this afternoon.

There was a grassy area in front of this property with a “No trespassing” sign.  I just wanted to pull my truck off the road long enough to get this picture, so I pulled onto the grassy spot.  When I finished getting the shot, I tried to back the pickup back onto the road, but my tires only spun due to the moisture in the soil from last night’s rain.  I very carefully maneuvered back and forth as I made slight turns until I could go out front ways and get back on the road.  As I looked in my rear view mirror, I could see mud being left on the road from my tires for quite a way.  Be sure your sins will find you out!

There’s not a lot of fall color in this shot, but this is a beautiful old school that I’ve heard someone has turned into a house. However, I never see anyone here except occasional workers.

A beautiful farm field

I decided to stop in at Wagon Trail Campground before heading home because the staff there, mostly all friends from when Mark and I worked there, had sent a condolence card home with him a day or two ago.  I wanted to thank them and find out when everyone is leaving so that I can go back to say goodbye for the winter.  While I was there, my former boss, Kathy Guckenburg, told me that there is a tornado watch on for tonight, so I headed straight home from there.

This is my favorite tree on our street. I never get tired of taking pictures of it in the fall!

When I got home, I called Mark and told him about the tornado watch.  He was just packing up to come home, so we were soon snuggled into our house with a fire in the wood burning stove.  As I write this, I’m hearing thunder but I’m not seeing much in the way of lightning, just the reverse of last night.  We’ve had tornado watches before and they haven’t amounted to anything.  It’s when we get a tornado warning that it starts getting serious, so don’t worry about us.  However, the lights are flickering, so I think I’ll sign off here.

10/4/18  The storm last night was more bark than it was bite.  We’re fine!

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