Highway patrol

Four times a year, there’s a day when all those Adopt-a-highway people are supposed to go out and clean their section of highway.  Today was the day here.  Workampers from the Los Altos Rod and Gun Club are responsible for cleaning Skyline Blvd one mile in each direction from our driveway.  I was looking forward to helping with it, but I ended up having to drive to Menlo Park to retrieve Mark’s cowboy hat which he left in his doctor’s office after an appointment he had this morning.  Mark and Adam and Beth cleaned the two mile stretch.  Mark said there wasn’t much garbage to pick up where he was working.

Other work has been going on on our mountain as well.  There is a narrow bridge that has been down to one lane on Big Basin Way ever since before we got here.  They’ve been repaving it and putting up new walls on the edge.  But just in the last day or two, we’ve seen other work going on too.  The tree people have been cutting down trees that look like they could topple onto the road in bad weather.  Yesterday we watched a man way up the trunk of a tree sawing off branches in preparation for cutting the tree down bit by bit.  It looks like there’s also going to be some work going on through November on drainage.  Big Basin Way is the way we get up and down our mountain, so it’s going to be slow going for a while.  Still, it’s nice to see that our mountain roads are being well taken care of!

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