From Boise, ID

There are a couple of things I need to mention as background for what I’m about to write: 1) I had been fighting a migraine headache for the last two days and 2) yesterday Mark tried to climb into the RV from the driver’s side door in the rain and slipped and hurt his thumb. This morning, he noticed that it was stiff.

I woke up this morning with an excruciating migraine. Mark tried massaging it with Aspercreme and brought breakfast to me in bed so that I could fill my stomach and take my Migraine Strength Excedrin. It didn’t help. Mark called the manager of the KOA and asked permission to stay past check out time long enough to take me to the ER. The nice manager granted us permission.

My headache was so bad that I wore an eye mask over my eyes to keep the bright light out. Mark had to lead me to the truck and then to the ER room. He got me signed in and sat me down, and I said, “Why don’t you get signed in and have your thumb checked.” He was still doing that when a nurse came to take me back to a room. She asked me all kinds of questions and I could hear her recording my answers on a computer. Then a doctor came in and asked me some questions. He was going to order an IV for me and I asked if it would make me drowsy. He said it would, so I explained to him that Mark was going to need me to drive the truck up Cabbage Hill while he drove the RV up. The doctor said that the non-drowsy medicine isn’t as effective, but he went ahead and ordered that for me. They hooked me up to a saline IV and slowly added the medicines in. All told, it took a little over an hour. Mark was finished before I was, so he came into my room when he was done. The same doctor had worked with him and x-rayed his thumb and said it’s not broken, just badly sprained. Mark is keeping a thumb brace on it.

I was finally able to take my eye mask off and we left the ER and went back to our RV. We left the truck disengaged from the RV and I followed Mark.

Near Pendleton
Beginning to climb
Getting into some snow
Hooking the vehicles back together at a rest stop at the top of Cabbage Hill

We still weren’t done climbing after we reached the top of the hill.

Fortunately, there was no snow on the road, but the snow on the sides was pretty deep.
We followed a little river for a while.
A pretty barn in the snow
It was only about 3:15 and it looked like we were already getting a sunset!
We came down out of the mountains, but it was still snowy.
Tucson started whimpering pathetically to let Mark know she needed a potty break, so Mark pulled over at the next rest stop. That rascally dog played in the snow for a while before she went potty, so how badly did she really need to go?
A hint of blue sky!

We crossed into Mountain Time today so it made it seem like we got to Boise an hour later than the hours we drove. It didn’t matter because it would have been dark when we got here anyway.

While Mark was registering us for the night, I got a picture of some Christmas decorations at a seasonal site.

I can still feel my headache to a certain extent, but it’s tolerable. Hopefully, tomorrow we’ll be able to leave in the morning, unlike the last two days, and get to our next stop in the daylight. Thank you to those who have been praying for our journey. I shudder to think what today would have been like without prayer!

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