From Brigham City, UT

Several of you have asked how Mark and I are feeling today. We are both a little sore but doing much better than yesterday. Thank you for asking!

When this car passed us this morning, Mark said, “Sucker!” I don’t know if he was referring to the bride or the groom!
I would say that the going color today was white.
For once, it was daylight when we reached the state border and I was able to take a picture of the welcome sign!
Still white in Utah too.
This was how much of the day went.
A little pink in the sky
A huddle of horses
We actually made it to our campsite before dark! When Mark took Tucson out, she frolicked in the snow!
I went for a walk down the road to see what I could see, and I saw this horse.
Further down the road, I finally got past the houses and captured this sunset.
These are the mountains we can see from our campsite.
This is a very nice, quiet KOA, and as it turns out, our neighbor to the left (in this picture) was in the campground in Boise with us last night!

Today was the best day we’ve had yet on this trip. We started this morning by watching the church service from Tucson online and the pastor prayed for our travels. I know others of you are praying too. It helps!

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