Oklahoma City

Mark wanted to look for something at Camping World and the closest one to us is in Oklahoma City, so we took off this morning and headed west.  Normally it might take a couple hours from our place, but we had to make a detour.

Because we can’t use our cell phones most of the time anyway, to cut expenses I had asked to change our phones to pay-per-call phones and AT&T sent us a couple sim cards, but the cards weren’t working so we stopped at an AT&T store in Bixby, OK.  Turns out they were the wrong cards, so we got the right ones there.  The Scottish part of me thinks this will be a better deal.

We took the turnpike (which cost $4) to get from Bixby to Oklahoma City.  Actually, we didn’t have to go into the city proper, but on our way back to highway 40 we saw downtown Oklahoma City.  We saw the state capital building, which appears to have a tall, proud Native American on the dome, and we saw one or two skyscrapers.

We left Oklahoma City around Rush Hour so it’s been slow going getting back.  We just went through Shawnee and saw considerable tornado damage that appears to have crossed the highway where we were (fortunately at some time in the recent past when we weren’t there).  The trees along the path look like a bunch of broken toothpicks.  When they rebuild Moore, OK I think they should build it like the shire in The Hobbit.  That would make it a tourist attraction as well as making schools and homes more underground.  Doesn’t that sound like a good idea?

We have stopped at an IHOP for dinner and we still have a ways to go to get home.  It got up to 100 degrees today so it’s been nice to be in an air conditioned car.  Time to hit the road again.  Later…

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