Thanks all!

I’ve had all sorts of responses and suggestions from my post about the flea problem we’ve been having.  I think we managed to solve the problem yesterday but it also just about did me in as well…

We took everything off our carpeting and used three bug bombs to bomb the RV again.  Then we vacuumed and I put a powder down on the carpet that is supposed to kill fleas.  The instructions said to use a broom to sweep the powder into the carpet and then vacuum lightly to get the top stuff off because the clouds of powder can harm pets and people.

The only broom we have had in our RV is a little wisk broom, so I was sweeping it across the carpet and the dust cloud started rising and I started coughing.  I went outside for a few minutes till my coughing fit was over and then went back and started again.  This time Mark had put a bandanna across my face, but it didn’t help.  I came out coughing even harder.  My voice was husky and my throat was a little sore.  Mark was afraid I would get sick, so we drove to Salisaw and bought a real vacuum (we’ve been using a carpet sweeper) and a real broom, and a painter’s mask.

We came back and finished sweeping the powder into the carpet and then gave it a vacuuming before bringing the cats back in.  This morning both Mark and I put our bare feet out of bed and left them there for a couple minutes.  Then we checked our feet and lower legs.  No fleas!!!

We spray our pants legs and shoes both going and coming in the hopes of keeping our RV flea free now.

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