Mud Wars Weekend

This is Mud Wars Weekend and this afternoon was the mud war.  A large hole was dug along the road to the dumpster and it’s been getting watered for several days.

The way it worked, they had people pick someone they wanted to mud wrestle with and each pair went out in the hole and wrestled.  Our new helper, Sherry, took a video of her grandson, Rowdy, as he wrestled with someone.  It looked like great fun!  The final competition was a tug-of-war between two teams of four men each.  The older men won!

I didn’t actually get to see it as Mark and I held down the fort while Kathy and Sherry covered the competition.  Kathy and Sherry are sisters from Bragg (en route to Muskogee) and they have a good strong work ethic.  They have been a pleasure to work with.  They stay in a camper on site when they’re working, and then go home to Bragg on their weekends.  Rowdy has been staying with his grandma for several days, and he’s been a big help for a kid too!


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