Our next gig

For several weeks now I’ve been mum about negotiations we’ve been making for when this job in Oklahoma ends.  I wanted to be a little more certain it was going to happen before saying anything, but we have a tentative offer of employment and we’re in the process of jumping through all the hoops, so I think we can safely say we know where we’re going next…

If we pass all the tests, we are going to work in Amazon’s fulfillment center in Fernley, Nevada during the Christmas rush.  In case you’re wondering, Fernley is about 30 miles east of Reno.  In fact, we have a campsite reservation at an Amazon-approved campground in Reno.  Our job here ends on November 1st and by the time we get to Fernley and get ourselves situated, it will be mid-November when we start our new job.  We have been told by Workampers who have done it that the work is physically challenging because you’re on your feet for 10 or more hours per day, but the pay is exceptionally good.

The job in Fernley will run until December 23rd at the latest, and we are beginning to look at the possibility of spending the week between Christmas Eve and New Years Day with family and friends in Oregon.  Surprise!  😉

In January we need to move up to Lynden, Washington for a while and make ourselves legally Washington citizens.  Lynden is near the Canadian border.  I’ve been in communication with my aunt up there about helping us get ourselves established.  We’ve already been using her address as our mailing address, but we need to register our vehicles, register as Washington voters, move our storage stuff up there, change our bank and church memberships, etc.  From there we hope to find our next job.

Please pray that we pass all the requirements for the job in Fernley.

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