We’re official now

We’ve been busy the last two days.  Yesterday we rented a storage unit, so now we sort of have property in Lynden.  Today we went and got new drivers licenses.  While we were there they signed us up as Washington voters, so we are officially Washingtonians now.

We were going to register our vehicles but we found out we need to get a form from the Oregon DMV.  We’re going to try to do that before we leave the Portland area this weekend.  We used a couple libraries to get directions for all the places we went today, and at some point I’d like to get a library card here.  I still have library cards from Oregon, California, and Oklahoma.  I guess I’m starting a collection!

The final thing we did today was go to a temp agency and ask for forms to sign up with them.  They said they may not have truly temporary work for us.  We’ll fill the forms out and see what happens.  I’m also thinking about seeing if we can get on with H&R Block as temporary help during the tax season.  We’ll work more on finding work next week.

I have to describe a little about the area we’re in.  Our RV park is literally right across the road from Birch Bay.  As I was driving home tonight, the sun was shining on the water and there were small waves that sparkled and a light trail from the sun.  On our way toward Lynden from Birch Bay we pass through woods and over streams, and then we get into farm country.  The farms here are much cleaner than the ones we lived near in Oklahoma.  It’s about eleven miles to get to groceries and such, but there are a couple small farm stores along the route that I’d like to explore sometime.  When we are on the main route, we see snow covered mountains to the north and east of us.  The weather is about like Oregon’s, but this area is as close to paradise as I’ve been so far.  I’m liking it!

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