New Years Day from Lynden, WA

This morning my sister fixed us breakfast and then Mark and I prepared to embark on today’s journey.  When we were finally ready, Sherill and Fred and Mark and I got into a huddle in the middle of her street and had a prayer time. 

We left Milwaukie around 10:00 this morning, snacking all the way on goodies we got last night at the family party.  When we got to Olympia I noticed that there’s a bypass that avoids downtown Seattle.  We took the route that turns off at Puyallup and turns north again at Sumner.  This was a way I’d never been before and I was looking forward to seeing it, but unfortunately I fell asleep for nearly the whole length of it.  I woke up again as we reconnected with I-5.

I called ahead to our RV park when we were twenty miles out and confirmed that they were expecting us.  It was already dusk when we pulled in to the address I had written on my calendar page.  We looked at it with some slight dismay.  It didn’t look very nice.  The manager came out to ask what we were doing there and when we said we had a reservation he looked perplexed.  I mentioned that I had called twenty minutes earlier to confirm, but he said I didn’t talk with him.  While he took Mark on foot to scope out a space, I looked back in my pre-plan pages and discovered that we were at the wrong RV park.

Our RV park was just a little further down the road, and it appeared, at least in the darkening gloom, to be much nicer.  The manager there was expecting us too, so that was a plus!  Mark started getting us set up and I called my aunt Marg to let her know we were in town.  I wasn’t expecting to see her tonight, but she said she was making dinner for us.  How thoughtful!  By that time I was really getting hungry.  Mark got our electricity and water hooked up and our slide-out out (Room!  Yes!) and then we drove to my aunt’s house.  She had made cheesy chicken, potatoes, carrots, fruit salad, and dessert.  We sat and visited with her for a while.  One of the things I’m looking forward to in our time here is to spend more time with her and maybe my cousins.

So we are safely settled now and looking forward to the light of day tomorrow to better see what our surroundings are like.  We have much to do in the next few days, including a brief trip back down to the Portland area this weekend.  This is the first time in this venture when we’ve landed in a place where we have much to do that isn’t related to work.  Finding work is one of the things on our list of things to do here.  Please pray that we can find jobs soon!

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