From Brigham City, Utah

“The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley,” or “the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” A line from a Robert Burns poem called “To a Mouse” seems appropriate for today.

Mark and I discussed where we’d like to end the day. I have found a site online that shows what KOAs are year-round so we don’t have to wonder if we’ll find a place to stay. The two places under consideration this morning were Rock Springs, WY, or Brigham City, Utah. It looked to me like if we didn’t stop anywhere too long, we could make it to Brigham City before it got dark.

I was looking forward to getting into the Rockies today for a change of scenery from the flatlands. I have been reading a mystery to Mark every day since we left Green Bay and I finished it today in time to start seeing hills a little higher than we’d been seeing.

These are snow guards built near the highway wherever there’s a chance that snowdrifts might blow across the highway.
Mark has gotten us through a lot. He’s a good driver when it comes to the RV.
Mark walking the dog at a rest stop
OK, so there were some mountains too.
We went through some snow, and the weirdest thing happened… I was getting itty-bitty snowflakes coming down on me… INSIDE the RV!
Snow blowing across the road
What you see here is the red and white truck picking up a load from a truck that is on its side further back. Whether it slid off the road or was blown over, I don’t know. It was also very windy today. This was on the side of an onramp, so I suspect it fell from the highway above.
Here’s another truck on its side. This one fell into the little grassy area in between the traffic going east and the traffic going west.
There were two Continental Divides as we traveled through Wyoming. The first was at the 7,000-foot elevation, and yet my ears never felt the need to pop all day. I was quite disappointed! This was probably a more gentle way through the Rockies, but not particularly spectacular.
The sun was trying to come through.
Dad would probably point out the geology here. You can see the land has been pushed up.
We were sailing along. We hit Rock Springs sometime before 3:00 and we were congratulating ourselves on having decided to shoot for Utah for tonight.
We went through a tunnel
Strange rock formations
And then we hit a traffic jam due to another accident.
You can see traffic backed up all the way from the crest of the hill.
The sun went down as we were sitting in the traffic.
Traffic was still backed up sometime after 6:00 and we hadn’t yet reached the border.
There was the semi that had stopped the traffic for so long. It had to be pulled down about twenty feet below the highway on its side to get it out of the way.
The bluish sign to the right was what told us when we crossed over into Utah.

It was about 8:15 when we finally arrived at the KOA. We had been sitting in traffic for so long this afternoon that I got all my pictures from the day processed before we arrived. We had soup and crackers while standing up for dinner because we were so tired of sitting.

The mind of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps. Proverbs 16:9*


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