From Pendleton, OR

This morning, I finally got to see our surroundings in Brigham City, UT. It was beautiful!

First view of the mountains
It was a nice day out!
I think this is one of the best shots I’ve gotten from a moving vehicle in a long time!
Then it got rather brown. This old structure was the most interesting thing around.
I love the kinds of patterns farmers make in their fields. The snow adds an interesting touch!
There was not much wind today and Mark said it was a dream to drive without having to fight the wind after the last couple of days on the prairie. We got better gas mileage too!
Idaho’s welcome sign looked like it had been used for target practice.
Except for the mountains, southern Idaho is flatter than the plains we’ve just been through.
A couple of times today, I noticed cows all bunched up together. Do cows get cold?
It looks kind of like a wrinkled blanket!
Mark is tired and we’re both ready to get to Sherwood and settle down for a while.
After this, my camera battery died. I also missed catching the sign that welcomed us to Oregon.

I put my camera on a charger for a while and was able to start taking pictures again.

This is the Snake River.
Down by the riverside
We crossed into Pacific Time and I thought it would be light longer, but Mark realized we were going to be going through the mountains in the dark and didn’t relish the idea.
Sunset was at 4:30

After the sun went down, it started getting really dark because there were no lights in the mountains. The roads were curvy and then toward the end, we had six miles of a six percent downgrade, which is quite steep when you’re in a big vehicle. Mark was having to downshift and use the brakes a lot. We could see the city lights of Pendleton while we were still high up in the mountains, but it seemed to take forever to get down to them. We were so glad to get to the bottom and find our campground!

Tomorrow, we only have a three-hour drive ahead of us. We are looking forward to being able to settle down for a couple of months. God has definitely kept us safe through some stressful situations on this trip. Now we just want things to be calm for a while!

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