From Richfield, UT

We planned a shorter day of driving today because we had several planned stops to make.

As we were leaving our campsite in Brigham City, the sun was trying to shine through a thick fog.
This was across the street from the truck stop where we stopped to take a shower and get gas.
Our next stop was in Far West, UT where we met Mark’s sister, Sharon, for lunch.
Mark and Sharon are the closest in age of his siblings and they were friends growing up.
After lunch, Mark and I drove to the cemetery where his oldest brother and his mom are buried. The family bought three plots here when Bruce was killed in the Tet Offensive, and Sharon would like to have the third plot. Mark had to go relinquish his right to the plot as part of the process for her to get it.
Portrait of Tucson

After Mark finished at the cemetery, we headed down the east side of Utah Lake where I hoped to catch a glimpse of Little Jerusalem, a movie set where my favorite online series is filming its second season, The Chosen. This is going to be an eight-year series about the life of Christ as seen through the eyes of those around Him. It’s based on the Bible, but it gives backstories to the events. I love the way Jesus is portrayed… as a real person who can be funny and kind and not always sure of Himself. If you haven’t seen it, go to and download it to watch for free.

Utah Lake was frozen!
Dramatic sky
I thought this would have made a good Garden of Olives.

We never did see Little Jerusalem. I suspect it’s hidden away in the hills where there won’t be traffic noises and modern electric poles or anything like that. Still, it was a beautiful drive.

Light playing on the mountains
Colorful scenery
Red in the mountains

It’s days when we get to do something other than just drive straight through that I enjoy most in our travels. I loved today!

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