From Page, AZ

This morning, we had hopes of making it to Flagstaff, AZ by tonight, but something happened — AGAIN!

Yesterday, Mark drove over some “gators”. These are the steel-belted parts of tires that strip off of semis. It’s not a good thing to drive over them, but these were all across the highway and there was too much traffic for Mark to maneuver around them. This morning, when Mark took Tucson out to do her thing, he noticed that one of our tires had gone flat.

Probably the only reason this doesn’t look flatter is that there’s a dually (another wheel) next to it holding it up.

We called Good Sam to see if they could come out and help us with the tire, and they said someone would come. It was quite a while before the repair guy came. In the meantime, Mark and Tucson played near our RV. We were probably the only campers there today.

Keep away!
The repairman finally showed up.
We called him to fix our tire. Notice anything wrong with this picture?
Yep! A gator bit our tire on the left side.
Our spare tire needed to be filled with air and beaded (so that the tire was snug against the rim, but the machine the repair guy was using was not strong enough to bead an RV tire.
He took our tire to a Big O tire shop to have them fill it with air.

I make it sound like the repair guy wasn’t very good at his job, but he was trying to be helpful despite not being very well equipped. He had to pay $11 at the Big O store to get our tire filled and he told us not to worry about it!

When he came back, he put our spare tire on for us.
Then he asked a few questions for his paperwork. Tucson tried her best to answer him!
We finally got on the road around 1:00 this afternoon. We decided to take the scenic route.

Heading south through Utah on the scenic route, we were going to be going past some of the National Parks, such as Bryce Canyon and Zion Nation Park. There was no time to go through the parks, but we came close enough to have some pretty spectacular scenery. We also passed the birth home of Butch Cassidy. Sometime, we’d like to have time to stop!

We were up high and could see a long way!
They call this color “vermillion”.
It looked painted.
Interesting formations cropped up.
It was close to sundown when we crossed the border into Arizona.
We came around a curve and saw the power lines from the Glenn Canyon Dam, and then…
…we were looking a long way down as we crossed the bridge over the canyon.

The town next to Glenn Canyon is Page. As I say, we had planned to make it to Flagstaff before stopping today, but the sun was going down and we found an RV park here. We also had an opportunity to stop at Walmart and get some water because our supply had run out. We’ll still make it to Tucson tomorrow, Lord willing and the river don’t rise!

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