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We have settled on the RV we found in Benson on our way to Tucson last Saturday. Monday, Mark called his credit union to see what kind of loan offer they could make and I called my credit union, the one we have for the RV we are still paying on, to find out what kind of offer they could make. Mine was still the better route to go.

Tuesday, we filed an application with Washington State Employees Credit Union (WSECU) over the phone and they did a hard inquiry on us and said that we are approved for a loan, but there’s more stuff that needs to be done before they will pay the seller. Part of it was needing some information from him, which he provided to them last night. They said that with the holiday in the middle of this week, it will be early next week before we can wrap this all up. I was hoping we could be in by Thanksgiving so I was a little disappointed.

This morning I said to Mark, “How about if we go to look at our new RV again so that I can take some pictures?” He agreed and packed up a few tools so that he could do an inspection. We contacted the seller and he told us to come on over, and we invited our friend who has been loaning us her trailer so that she could see it. The seller also let Mark do a test drive with him in the passenger seat and us two women sitting at the dinette. Mark said it drove really well. Our friend, Serenity, has solar panels on her trailer, so she was able to check for the pertinent things on that for us. I know nothing except what I like, so I just took pictures.

Mark checking things out from the ground
The owner even has a ladder extension so that Mark doesn’t have to step up so high to get on. The extension isn’t shown in this picture, but it works quite nicely!
Mark checking out the roof. It needs caulking, but the roof is solid. There are 4 solar panels up there!
The front seats. The vinyl on all the seats is wearing off, so the seller got some 2X T-Shirts to cover the seats. They are still very comfortable. He has carpeting on the dashboard which Kimba will love!
The T-shirts on these seat backs are 4X! We might be able to do better than bright red T-shirts. Notice the glass design behind the farthest seat. This RV has way more class than the one we’ve had.
He says this couch can make into a double bed.
The kitchen sink area. (Mark and Leo looking things over)
The stove and double-wide refrigerator and freezer. Above the stove is a convection oven!
Lots more room inside the refrigerator/freezer than we’re used to!
A large television across from the couch and a fireplace!
This was the clincher for me — a half bath for guests!
A queen bed with wide enough shelves on the sides for Mark’s CPAP machine. Do you know how difficult that is to find in an RV these days?
A bedroom television, a pretty good-sized mirrored closet, and lots of drawer space for clothes
A louvered closet on the other side of the TV
Another decorative piece in the bedroom and a view into the master bathroom
A shower with a seat in it — good for us older folks!
The toilets have a system we’ve never seen before. They run on a bellows. That will take a little getting used to!

This RV looks like it has tons more storage than what we’ve had. The only thing Mark still wishes he had was a toy hauler for his motorcycle, but after his inspection, he told me, “I really like this RV!” We can’t wait to take possession and start moving in!

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