In the arena

Before we left home, I washed some of our laundry, but by today, we were out of some things, so that’s why we decided to stay at the Lancaster Event Center here in Lincoln, Nebraska another day and take showers and do all of our laundry. We had heard that they have free laundry here. You can’t beat that on the road!

We walked into the main building and asked where we could take showers and wash our clothes, and a man led us into an indoor horse arena and pointed to the doors on the other side of the building. Mark and I walked past the dirt arena that smelled of horses and he was in Seventh Heaven!

We took our showers first. It took a while for the water to get hot, but once it did, I luxuriated in it way past getting myself clean. The water heater at our house gave out early in the summer and the only hot water we had for showers was out in the RV, but that has such a little water heater that I had to shut the water off between washing to conserve the hot water, and even at that, it would start to go cold sometimes before I was done. To be able to take a long, hot shower felt so good! You don’t appreciate what you have until you don’t have it for a while.

This event center is so huge that I thought surely they would have multiples of the washers and dryers, but there was only one of each. We had three loads of laundry to do – whites, colors, and darks – so it took us the better part of the day to get through it all. We had given some thought to heading on down the road today, but the laundry took so long to finish that we decided to stay put for tonight. However, we did take the RV out to get the gas tank filled, and we had hoped to get the propane tank filled as well, but we couldn’t find a place where we could get propane. Our water tank is also out of water – completely bone dry – so we were hoping to get that filled, but so far, every place we’ve been has already turned off their water for the winter. Fortunately, before we left home, we got a whole bunch of gallon-sized jugs and filled them with the drinking water from our water dispensers, so we can probably make it to Oregon with what we have if we must.

Tomorrow will be another day with adventures of its own!

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