Look, Ma! No tub!

Mark decided that tonight was the night to take the bathtub out of the bathroom.  What a chore that was!

We have been storing all the heaters we took out of the house on the back deck. We moved them onto a trailer and we’re hoping to find a place that buys metal.

It took both of us pulling hard to get the tub out of the place it’s been sitting since 1982.

First, we rolled the tub over onto its side and then upended it to put it on a refrigerator dolly.  Mark tried to take it out the door width-wise but it got stuck.  We took it off the dolly and put it back on on the length-wise end and re-strapped it.  That worked for getting it through the doors.

A mouse nest in the insulation behind the tub. All the holes look like little apartments!  Mark dug around in there to assure me that there are no current residents.

The old tub is cast iron and very heavy.  For the time being, we are now storing it on the deck, which is why we had to move the heaters.

We’re almost done with the demolition.  Mark told me that he hopes to have the floor redone by the end of this weekend which means we’ll be starting on the reconstruction.  I can hardly wait to get over the hump!

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