The pre-demolition sale

There was an ad last week in our local newspaper, The Pulse, regarding a pre-demolition sale that was going to happen this weekend at a resort in Sturgeon Bay.  Mark and I decided to go and see if there was anything we could use for our house.

It was a gorgeous day for a drive. This was in Egg Harbor.

This was the resort. There was a cabin, a duplex, and this lodge. Everything was for sale.

You can see the wetness on the ground.  Apparently, there was so much snow around the resort this last winter that when it melted, it flooded the basement of the lodge and it flooded the duplex which is down the hill from this.  If we’d had time, money and a bigger truck, I would have loved to have all the beautiful wood inside the lodge, a bunch of the kitchen cabinets, and the screened in porch you see to the side of the lodge here.  Also, there was a patch of little blue flowers and a wood rail fence.  The folks that are going to demolish all this are going to build a private house here.

In spite of having to leave a lot of lovely things, we also got a lot of stuff for the house.

This is a closer look at some of the stuff we got. The wood trim I would have loved to have was the same color as these cabinets. It looked so cabin-y!

When we got home and took everything into the house, Mark and I were standing in the kitchen looking at how to install some under the cabinet lights when we heard a loud crash…

When I was changing all the lights a few days ago, I had trouble screwing the kitchen light back up. I was mere inches from being hit by the cover today!

We’ll have to find a new light cover for the kitchen now.

Still, we had fun figuring out where to put everything…

The other day, I was sitting in my rocker in front of the wood burning stove when I noticed an empty nail in the brick wall behind the stove. I thought, “That would be a good place for a clock.” I got a clock at the sale. Like it?

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