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It’s not often that something new and exciting happens in our little village, but something has happened that we hope will put us on the map…

You may or may not recall that I wrote last month about a Door County North dinner and meeting I attended where my boss told all about what is happening here to help promote businesses.  When I was volunteering for Kubie Luchterhand at the book store last year, he told me that it had been a dream of his for several years to have a mural painted on the side of his store.  Well, this year a new committee was formed called the Ellison Bay Beautification Project (EBBP) and they liked Kubie’s idea.  They got a local artist to design the mural and paint it.  We have been watching with interest for the last couple weeks as they have cleaned the wall and repaired it, drawn the design on the wall, set up scaffolding, and painted the mural.  Yesterday as I watched from the Visitor Center where I was working, they completed the mural.

The mural on Wm. Caxton Ltd. Bookseller & Publisher

In case you have been wondering what our tiny Visitor Center looks like, I backed into one of the corners so I could get a picture of that too:

My part-time office!  It’s from this chair I was able to watch some of the progress on the mural.

So watch out world.  Ellison Bay is up and coming!

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