Our 10th anniversary

I didn’t write about this last night because I was obviously busy, but June 13th was Mark’s and my tenth wedding anniversary.  I had thought for several months about what I’d like to do for such a momentous occasion, but in the end we had to scale down our plans.  It still turned out to be good.

Mark took me out to dinner at by far the most elegant restaurant we’ve been to since we first started coming to Door County, The Waterfront in Sister Bay. We gave each other really sweet cards. Guess which one I gave Mark?

We had a good dinner, although the truffle dinner I chose turned out to be a plate of noodles, cheese, and mushrooms. I should have gone with the lamb kabob!

The view out our window was spectacular!

When they brought our desserts, the chef had written Happy Anniversary on our plates in chocolate! I had a poached pear with almond ice cream, and Mark had blood orange creme brulee.

As we were heading back to Ellison Bay, I asked Mark to stop so I could take a picture of this display in front of a cherry market. Last year, they had a couple women on bicycles displayed out front. I thought this display was fitting for our anniversary!

Mark took me to Ellison Bluff County Park which I had never been to before. It was nearly sunset, so we went to watch it set over Green Bay.

We had a little time to wait and take pictures before sunset.

Mark shot this as I held my shawl up to catch the breeze off the water.

This is part of Ellison Bay Bluff.  (Looking south toward Sister Bay)

Watching sunsets is a favorite pastime of people in Door County. You can see the family in front of us and the young couple up on the boardwalk, but there were probably eight or ten of us up there waiting and watching.  (One of the watchers affixed a camera to the fence to take pictures.)

I just happened to catch this seagull flying through the sunset.

Thar she goes!

The aftermath.  This is a greatly zoomed picture showing the upper peninsula of Michigan on the other side of the bay from us.  In previous pictures, you get a better sense of how far away it is.

The whole dinner and sunset were something we came up with on the spur of the moment, and then we went home and built a fire in the fireplace and watched the video of our wedding reception.  It was a perfectly romantic evening!

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