Stuart Finds a Home

By my friend, Nancy Falster

Several years ago, Mark and I spent a week on a farm in Winnsboro, TX.  We were between jobs and we had met a farming couple online who needed a little help.  They raise cows, pigs, chickens, ducks and crops organically.  Nancy Falster is an amazing cook and Karl is a testimony to her theories on food.  While we were on Falster Farm, we met Stuart.

Stuart is a rescue dog that Karl found in their woods along with several siblings.  This is Nancy’s first book about Farm Dog Stuart.  It tells the story of Stuart’s early life.  But it isn’t your usual picture book.  There is a purpose behind it.  Nancy means to educate children (and adults) about abandoned animals, pet adoption, and pet care.  In the back of the book, she has included Paw Points with statistics regarding rescue dogs, and Paws for Conversations, questions for discussion that relate Stuart’s story to some elements of a child’s life.

The book is illustrated by Nancy’s daughter, Molly Nichols.  Here is one of the illustrations:

Nancy and Stuart

By comparison, here are some pictures I took of them when we were on Falster Farm several years ago:

Karl and Nancy Falster selling their organic meat at the farmer’s market

Farm Dog Stuart at the farmer’s market in Winnsboro, TX

If you would like to get a copy of this book for a child or grandchild who loves dogs, you can get one at or call (903)629-3034.  A portion of the proceeds from the book will go to nonprofit organizations.  You can find the list of nonprofits who receive donations on

Happy reading!

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