Baby shower!

It doesn’t look like I’m going to have any grandchildren, so whenever I get to go to a baby shower, I take advantage of the opportunity.

My pastor here and his wife have two boys named Nathan and Emmett.  Now they are expecting twin boys, due in March.  The church had a co-ed baby shower for them.

My Arizona church – Northwest Community Friends Church

Someone did a great job of decorating for the shower.  They did sort of a nature theme:

At our table

On the table with the guest book

The twins will be named Hosea and Isaac

Allie and Pastor Adam Kemper

The food

The chick above is sitting on a diaper cake.  What a clever idea!  One of the women in the church took decorated disposable diapers and wrapped them in a circle with ribbon.  Then she clipped little socks and booties to the ribbon and topped the whole thing with a stuffed toy.  The other diaper cake had a blue bunny on the top.  (Everything came in twos!)

After the food, there were games.  For the first game, they handed out little construction paper heads and pictures of Adam, Allie, Nathan and Emmett.  We were supposed to envision which facial features the twins (who will be identical) will inherit from the other family members.

L: My guess
R: Mark’s guess

Everyone else’s guesses

The next game was outside.  We counted off “1” or “2” and formed lines for a relay race.  They gave the first person in each line a toy baby stroller to wheel around various obstacles on the playground.  Mark didn’t want to play because his knee is hurting, so I handed him the camera and I played.

Everyone coming out to the playground

Me at my competitive best

Pastor Adam

Finally, it was time to open gifts:

The pile of presents

Adam and Allie opening our gift

Every PK (Pastor’s Kid) should have a suit!  These are 6-9 months, so I’m hoping the twins can wear them for Christmas.

What a haul!

There were three sets of baby afghans made by women in the church, some articles of clothing, bottles and tippy cups, crib sheets, a bouncy chair, and lots and lots of diapers and baby wipes!

We had brought Tucson with us and left her in the truck during the party.  After the party, Mark took her to do her business near the parking lot:

Tucson is getting so big already. At nine weeks, she weighs three time as much as she did when we got her three weeks ago! (Four pounds at six weeks; twelve pounds at nine weeks.)

Isn’t Mark handsome in his new frock coat from Tombstone?

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