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I have not yet been able to work much.  Mark has been working alone the last couple days while I try to deal with Workers Comp and seeing the doctor here today.  He’s ordered a test for me and I was waiting around for that phone call today too, so not much to report.

However, I haven’t been just sitting by the phone the last couple days.  I had noticed my computer starting to drag again, the way it has the last several times it has crashed.  I decided to give the phone Geek Squad another try.  Usually they give up after my computer boots them out several times and they tell me to take it into the Best Buy Geek Squad and they wipe everything out to get rid of the problem and I lose all my pictures.  I am always optimistic that the phone Geek Squad can save me all that trouble.

Well, yesterday I called Geek Squad and got hold of a young woman named Laura.  She was not one of those that gives up after fifteen minutes.  She was bound and determined to make me a happy customer.  My computer kicked her out time and again, but she made enough progress to get a certain page open and she discovered why my computer has been booting out all the Geek Squad agents.  Even though I own the computer and should be listed as the administrator of my own computer, when I installed Windows 10 at the time they first said we could all have a free upgrade, they made it so that they were the administrators.  How sneaky can they get?  They took over everyone’s computers as soon as folks upgraded to Windows 10.  Evil Microsoft!

Even though Laura was able to bring that page up, my computer booted her out again before she could do anything about it, but fortunately I could see the same thing she could see and she was able to talk me through how to get my administrative powers back.  Once I did that she was able to get in and pretty much stay in.

That got me to thinking:  Mark was beginning to think I was being too hard on my laptop since it was going down every few months, but as I thought back, all the problems seemed to start when I upgraded to Windows 10.  I asked Laura about that and she said that a lot of her customers have been complaining about similar things happening to them when they upgraded.  Apparently Microsoft put out a buggy upgrade before thoroughly testing it.  And, since it is closed source (meaning that only their staff can see the code), they are having trouble finding and fixing all the bugs everyone is experiencing.

I asked Laura if I could get my old Windows 8 back and she said I could have if I had asked to do so within thirty days of trying Windows 10.  At this point I would have to buy Windows 8 and have it installed, thereby wiping everything out of my computer again.

So if there are any of you who refused to upgrade to Windows 10 and have been using your older software, you are the smart ones.  If you upgraded to Windows 10 within the last month, get back to your previous software before it is too late!  If you upgraded back when they first offered the free upgrade and you’ve been having a lot of trouble with your computer since, now you know why.  Sorry folks!  I wish I’d known sooner too.

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