Keeping the lines of communication open

We have been polling other Workampers for some time about what the best phone service is.  We’ve also asked when interviewing for various jobs.  One person would say AT&T and another would say Verizon.  We had just AT&T, but last night we walked into a Verizon store.

We had finally come to the conclusion that we should have one of each.  We also decided we should have one of each kind of hot spot.  So I gave up my AT&T phone and got a Verizon phone.  We also got a Verizon hot spot.

Today I’ve been trying to get each of them set up.  I am writing this blog for the first time on Verizon!  For those of you who have my phone number, that hasn’t changed.  You can still call me on my old phone number.

We are diversifying in the hopes that we won’t have so much trouble communicating with all of you in the future.  This will also help us not overuse either service.  If we are getting close to our limits on one, we can switch to the other.  I’m eager to see which service works best in Alaska!

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