From Santa Rosa, NM

Kader’s and Zak’s wedding was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We left there Monday morning and were in Des Moines, Iowa by that evening. I wasn’t able to write about it because I was processing about a hundred pictures I took at the wedding.

Tuesday, we traveled through Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas and stayed in Salina, Kansas. That was a nerve racking trip because I heard in the morning that the day before, my father had fallen and broken a couple of vertebrae in his neck. Both my sister and I were trying to find out what was happening, and no one was telling my stepmother anything either. Last night, I wrote 2 blogs with pictures, so again there was no chance to write about the trip.

This morning , I got in touch with my stepmom and she said they finally let Dad eat breakfast this morning. Apparently, the reason they hadn’t let Dad eat before was because they were afraid that the broken pieces of his vertebrae might damage his nerves or blood vessels in that area, but they had done another CAT scan on him last night and determined that that wouldn’t be an issue. I also talked with Dad. I couldn’t understand much of what he said, and what I could understand sounded like he was a little confused.

Today, we traveled through Kansas, Oklahoma, the panhandle of Texas, and now we’re in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. I haven’t taken any pictures since we left Milwaukee because I’ve been reading a book to Mark that was written by a woman in my church in Door County. Her name is Judy DuCharm and the book is called Blood Moon Redemption. Ellison Bay made a brief appearance in the book, but it’s also kind of an international thriller. What amazed me most was that the book was written in 2018 but it seems to have predicted the attack of Russia on Ukraine! Syria, Israel, and the United States all played prominent parts in the book as did Spain in 1492. It’s suspenseful and intriguing and I recommend it!

I woke up with a sore throat this morning and I feel like I’m coming down with something, so I’ll end here for tonight.

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