Day 2 of the country fair

It was a slower day today than yesterday so I had the opportunity to take a few pictures of some of the other things going on. I should also mention that the theme of our country fair was National Pollinator Week.

This was the booth next to mine. It’s a new business called Lucky Stars Flowerfarm. She moved to Door County three years ago and started a flower farm, and now that the flowers have grown more plentiful, she makes floral arrangements for people.
Just beyond the flower lady was the butterfly lady, Debbie Clements. She has written a very colorful picture book with a song about butterflies that she wrote. Here, she’s teaching a little girl a song in sign language.
Here she was singing another song with the children.
This is Mickie Rasch, my manager, walking past my booth with butterfly wings.
Both days, there was music by Erin Krebs, a jazz singer, and her accompanist.

I had raised $580 for the Alzheimer’s Association prior to this fair. Over the weekend, I doubled that number. I had a heartwarming experience this afternoon. There is a businesswoman in our area that I have been acquainted with ever since our first summer in Door County, Jewel Ouradnik.

This is a picture of Jewel (standing) from a previous event.

When she walked into my tent to see what I had, I started telling her the story of Wanda’s Journey. There was a look of surprise on Jewel’s face when I mentioned that this was all in honor of Wanda Mango. It turns out that Wanda was her oldest sister. I knew that Wanda had died on May 12th, so I understood when she started crying. She said she hadn’t really had time to grieve for her sister since the funeral. I gave her a hug and she bought one of my wall hangings. That was the most special sale I have made in this fundraising campaign!

This is the wall hanging Jewel bought.

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