Happy 4th of July!

Mark is taking a three day weekend for the holiday, so of course, he worked on some projects around the house. He mowed the front lawn, started trying to clean one area of the garage (where he found a whole bunch of mouse droppings), and…

I asked him to put up my design wall in the craft room. He actually got started on it yesterday after work.

We took the dining room table out and unrolled the corkboard on the floor. Then we put some weights on it, including the upside-down table we use for giving Dobby his subcutaneous fluids. We left it to flatten all day while Mark went to work.
This is the craft room wall before we put the corkboard up.
This is the wall after we put the corkboard up. Mark had to use a special adhesive and a V-notched trowel to put the corkboard up. It took several trips to the hardware store to get the right trowel.
Then we put this flannel design wall up so that I can begin designing kits. Wendy, this one’s for you!
I made this sample Christmas pillow as I was designing my first kit. What do you think?

I’m calling this Phase 2 in my business plan. For the months of July and August, I hope to design and pack kits. I am thrilled to be at this stage at last!

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