Almost there!

Mark and I worked all day on building the craft room and trying to get my things organized. There are still a couple of things to build, but it’s getting there.

Mark called me out to show me what he’d written on the top of my cutting table (soon to be routed down): “KAMPER QULT KITs LLC”. My business name is Camp Quilter Kits LLC!
Getting my shelving ready
I’m a little pooped from trying to get everything organized, but I’m happy to be able to start!

Tomorrow has been my deadline for trying to get my business space set up. I don’t think we’ll be able to finish the last couple of things until maybe next weekend, but we’re far enough along that I should be able to start with Phase 2 of my business plan by July 1st as I had hoped. That is where I will start putting together kits and making samples. I’m eager to get going on that!

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