Spending the day together

This morning, Mark covered all the windows in the RV and we turned the air conditioning on. We had planned to do yard work while it was cool, but it was never really cool. The temperature got up to 97 degrees today!

This was my project for this morning.
This is what it looked like when I was done.
Mark took some firewood out to the firepit.
Then, he began pruning a couple of trees next to the parking lot.
It looks a lot healthier now!

I went through two bottles of Gatorade while I was out there working and I wore a straw hat, but when I went in at 11:30 to make lunch, it was obvious I had gotten too much heat. My face was red and I was shaky. I made a sandwich for Mark and then I jumped into a tepid shower. It felt so good! When I got out, I had my sandwich and Mark took a cool shower. Then we took a little siesta.

When we got up, we went to several stores to look for things for the RV. For one thing, when I was cleaning our microwave yesterday, I noticed that it had rusted down to the metal under the turntable. Mark was concerned that it could spark or explode, so we went to look for a new one.

Inside the old microwave.
Mark installing the new microwave.

While we were out, we saw a plastic wading pool and thought Tucson might enjoy playing in it.

Mark had to get in and coax her before she would use it for anything other than a big water dish.
Mark playing with Tucson
She finally ventured in.
Then Mark was able to get out and she stayed in and played.
One thing we hadn’t thought about was that the water attracted a couple of dozen bees. Tucson tried snapping at them. As far as she’s concerned, they are interesting things to try to catch. However, I have a healthy respect for bees, so I went inside.

It’s been an interesting week. Mark had a roof to recover, a water leak to fix, and an electrical repair. The folks at Block Advisors pooled their money together and asked me to come in and work on a new calling campaign the company wanted them to do. They said I can come back one day next week and they’ll pay me out of pocket again.

In the meantime, we keep hearing bits and pieces of information from Wisconsin. The governor there has extended Safer-at-Home until May 26th, but the businesses and the people are pushing back. One rumor said that they were taking their appeal to the state Supreme Court. Another said that there was a recall attempt going on to remove the governor from office. So far, his order stands.

We have, however, heard that the campgrounds in Door County plan to open somewhere between May 1st and May 15th. Mark has had a couple of customers up there ask him to de-winterize their RVs, but he’s been telling them that unless the governor opens the border and rescinds the requirement for people coming in from outside the state to self-quarantine for fourteen days, it will be June 1st before he can begin working up there. We are monitoring the situation closely.

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