Bad dog!

I’m relatively OK

This afternoon, it started snowing, so I took my camera out to take pictures.  (Oh, yes.  I discovered my camera is still working!)

Barely sticking

The wind was blowing it all around.

When I came back in and was uploading the pictures, Tucson started whimpering.  It had been a while since she’d been out, so I got my coat on and took her out back.  I looked at my watch and realized the mail had probably already arrived, so I went out front to check our mailbox.  This was my first mistake.  Tucson came out front with me, and of course, she likes to go across the street to the house where her friend, Sasha, lives.  I got the mail and called to her to come, but she was busy sniffing in Sasha’s yard.  I went over there to get her and she ran away.  I kept calling to her and I admit I was getting mad.  I called her a bad dog and the hackles on her back went up.  The battle was on.

I finally managed to get close enough to grab her collar and I started dragging her back home.  A couple times she tried to back out of her collar so she could get free, and I slapped her on her tail to try to get her to move forward.  Wrong choice.  She lunged forward and I plowed face first into our driveway.  I saw a piece of my front tooth on the ground, so I picked it up and got back to my feet.  Tucson again bolted and I landed on my face in the garage.  This time, I lost the tooth piece.

I shut the garage door and got her into the house and into her kennel, and then I had a look at my face…

This is the cleaned up version. Note the chip out of my front tooth and the cockeyed bent of my glasses.

I called Mark, who was working at a campground near Sister Bay, and all I needed to say is, “I need you to come home.”  He didn’t even ask why, just packed up and came home.  He told me that when he first saw me with blood all over my teeth and everything, he thought I’d been assaulted.  When I told him what had happened, he helped me to the truck and rushed me to Sturgeon Bay where we eventually ended up at the Emergency Room.  They did a CT scan on my brain, my face, and my neck but found no brain injury and no broken bones.  They checked my knees which are badly bruised but not broken.  My right hand is scraped up a bit.  Probably the worst injury is the whiplash in my neck.  I’m going to need new glasses and a cap on my tooth.  Other than that, I’ll live to see another day, as they say.

On the way home, Mark and I were discussing what to do with Tucson.  I think she needs to go to someone who can handle her better, maybe someone who has a fenced yard for her.  Does anyone want a lively 10-month-old German Shepherd mix?

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