Clearing the land; BACA

Mark and I have been busy this weekend.  You may recall that on Tuesday I started cutting some of the brushy stuff out of our side yard.  I had Friday, Saturday, and today off work, so guess what I did?

I showed this picture of my progress on Tuesday. My pile was pathetically small but I was proud of the work I’d done.

This picture was taken from approximately the same view point this evening.

The little trees that are still standing will have to be cut by Mark because I couldn’t cut them with my big clippers.  In fact, I broke the big clippers on the last tree I cut down.  I guess I overworked them.

This is the pile as it stands today. You can’t tell in the picture, but the pile stands taller than me!

I cleared that all out in four days.  Not bad for an out of shape old woman who will be turning 62 on Wednesday!  As I was building this pile yesterday, I told my neighbor, Lynn that I was building a beaver dam.  I guess it looks a bit more like a beaver lodge at this point.

While I was finishing it up today, Mark took his motorcycle down to Sturgeon Bay to meet with a couple guys from an organization called BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse).  Mark has frequently wished he could do something good with his bike and when he saw a video about this organization last week, he googled to see if he could find a local chapter to join.  If you’re interested in seeing more about what BACA does, here is a ten minute YouTube video that explains the whole thing, including the long process for joining:

I’m very proud of Mark for wanting to do this, and he’s proud of me for all the yard work I did this last week.  It’s so nice when it’s mutual!

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