Good news!

My sister finally got out of the hospital last Saturday and is well enough to drive again.  Mark and I have been job hunting this week.  Mark was hired today for a job that is a perfect match for him…

There is an RV dealership here called B. Young RV.  Mark has been negotiating with them since Monday and today he went in for an interview.  They hired him to start on Tuesday and they know he’s only going to be here for the month of December.  They want him to do pre-inspections on RVs, and for an hour each morning, they are going to give him RVIA training which will satisfy his continuing education requirements to keep his license.  Needless to say, we are thrilled!

I haven’t found work yet, and at this point in time, it’s not looking particularly likely to happen.  However, I do have a couple telecommuting jobs I can continue doing.  I also have a bunch of books Kubie gave me before I left Door County to see if I can sell them here.  Today I got to three used bookstores with mixed results.  I am taking notes on which stores are worth coming back to.  My family says maybe I could take it kind of easy while I’m here.  I wouldn’t object.

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