Riding the rails =====

Early this morning, Mark parked his motorcycle in the garage at our new house and gave Tim a quick tour.  Then Tim took him to Green Bay and put him on the bus for Milwaukee, WI.  Once there, Mark boarded the train heading west.  WooHoo!

Tonight I had an email from him:

I’m westward bound somewhere in Minnesota…Train was pretty full when I got on and I sat down next to a guy who I could feel didn’t really appreciate me being there.  Later on he got up and left so I went and got me something to eat and drink, which I promptly dumped in my lap and Seagrams (ginger ale) filled my seat.  A few drops splashed on his seat so he asked to be moved.   Though I didn’t plan it I have both seats to myself…yuk yuk!!

Here’s a train song to bring him on his way here:  City of New Orleans performed by Willie Nelson.

Please keep Mark in your prayers.

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