Trial run…

“The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry”, so they say.  That was certainly our experience today.

We got up early this morning and began breaking camp.  It took us all morning to do that, and then we had several errands to run in Lynden.  It was early afternoon before we got to Sumas to cross the border into Canada.  When we got up to the border crossing the guard asked Mark if he had anything to declare.  Mark told them about the guns he was carrying, and while his two rifles were allowable, the two handguns were not.  They thanked Mark for his honesty but they pulled us over and took those guns out of the RV.  Then they had us drive around to re-enter the US and they gave Mark his guns back.

Consequently, we decided to pull into the RV park in Sumas for the night so we could off-load the car and take the forbidden guns back to our storage unit in Lynden.  So whereas we were supposed to spend tonight in Williams Lake, BC, we are actually sitting in Sumas, WA.  Our new plan is to get up early in the morning and push farther than we were originally going to so that the rest of our camp reservations can stay intact.

It turns out to be okay because there were things we didn’t have time to accomplish this morning that we have been able to do this evening.  Hopefully the rest of the trip will go more smoothly.

One thought on “Trial run…

  1. “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry”, Well…. Some times you encounter mice that roar, that can’t be ignored…….

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