Too weird for words!

Ever have one of those days that are too weird for words?  Today was such a day for me.

  • At work, my internet connection went down twice which is a really bad thing to have happen at H&R Block at this time of year.  Both times it took a long time to get the connection back up.
  • One of our most mild mannered tax professionals got yelled at twice today, and one of the people who yelled at him later called and yelled at me because he hadn’t gotten it all out of his system yet.  God managed to help me stay calm and get the man calmed down.
  • Then there was an obese, inebriated man who decided to pull down his pants and pee on our window and afterward he couldn’t seem to manage to get his pants back up!  The building guard had to deal with him when he tried to come in with his pants down.
  • We had a windstorm in the morning which mellowed into a much milder wind in the afternoon, but my evening replacement said she couldn’t come to work because the storm had “gotten worse”.  I was beginning to wonder if there was a full moon today.

I felt off kilter all day.  I have my routines to get all the daily stuff done, and things just weren’t working the way they usually do.

The one good thing that happened is that the president of my Oregon fan club, Capi Reed, and her friend, Barb, came to have lunch with me.  They are the first ones to come and have lunch with me at work.  It had to be a short lunch, much to my consternation, but it was still the bright spot in my day!

Tim and Kathy and Mark went to an estate sale this morning.  Mark called me before he left to see what he should look for.  I told him we’re going to need a dining room table and a dresser, but it turns out there really wasn’t any furniture at this estate sale.  It’s okay because I have plans to go thrift shopping with the president of my Wisconsin fan club, Judy Boldt, when we are both back in Door County.

That’s the short version of our news for the day.  I need to get to bed because I’m putting in overtime hours tomorrow.  It’s the big push for the end of tax season!

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