Settling in

A couple people have asked me if we’ve checked the bathrooms here yet.  No, we have not.  I am told they are nice.  For some reason, we haven’t been that curious about them yet.

We spent the day getting things done.  We took Mark’s Harley in for repairs, took our winter quilt to the dry cleaners, got a new battery for my watch so I can keep track of the time again, and got Mark some new walking shoes.  We got our mailbox key, tried to see our new boss, but she was in a meeting, and spoke with some women who are in the sewing group that will meet tomorrow.  We set up our home office again, pulled out the awning for the first time since we left Wisconsin, and we did all our laundry.  It’s just beginning to feel like home again.

I’m not suggesting you need to do this, but if any of you has considered sending me a Christmas card, we now have a good address:

  • Mark and Denise Fuller
  • 7125 Fruitville Rd, PMB 968
  • Sarasota, FL 34240

1 thought on “Settling in

  1. Good, I was hoping to get an address.
    I did receive a Santa package a few days ago, but I’m being good & waiting for Christmas to open it.
    Love you kids!

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